“I am a booking agent and music consultant by day and a full time performer by night! After nearly 2,000 performances worldwide, I’ve realized that every event should get a handcrafted approach. My flexibility of more than 500 songs and countless improvised approaches makes sure that each and every event will be a uniquely memorable one. From cruise ships to national television and residencies at some incredible venues, there isn’t a stage too big or too small for a Vinnie Hines performance. Whether designing huge music programs for the likes of Elvis Presley Enterprises and Intercontinental Hotels Group or building sustainable local venues, my company Artist Collective can handle the job.” - Vinnie Hines

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{Starting at $750}

After American Idol XV, 3 Years on Carnival Cruise Line, and more than a year as The Guesthouse at Graceland’s soloist, Vinnie is no stranger to the big stage. Mixing comedy, some incredible stories and his unique renditions of Top 40 classics from the 50’s to today, you’ll be amazed at how one person can influence a huge audience. From conferences, to trade shows, conventions and parties of every size, Vinnie Hines delivers.

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{Starting at $750}

Vinnie Hines has performed dozens of weddings all over the country! Pulling from more than 120 wedding-specific songs, he has the repertoire and the approach to fulfill any requests on your big day. Available for ceremony music, cocktail hour tunes, reception music and special requests. Vinnie even has a history of acting as a Guest DJ to ride the night out with some dancehall classics. Whether you’re creating a beautiful moment or just want to shake something silly, your big day’s soundtrack will be perfect!

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{Starting at $500}

Private parties come in all shapes and sizes. From jazzy dinner parties to intimate singer/songwriter storytelling and wild, cocktail-infused dance parties, Vinnie Hines can do it all! His one-man band approach makes him able to span all genres with a sound that will amaze your audience. The difference between a good night and legendary night can be determined by the charm and tact of your musical host, and you’re getting the best of both worlds with Vinnie Hines.


{Starting at $500}

Vinnie Hines is an expert songwriter and has just recently begun to offer custom songwriting packages. This can be for special occasions like engagements, weddings or coming of age parties. He also is available for ‘jingles’, advertising music, and songwriting assistance. All genres and content requests welcome! If you can dream it, he can write it.

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{Starting at $1500}

Artist Collective offers a 12-Week Music Consulting Program for artists of all levels looking to take their careers to the next level. We focus on creating a brand that is authentic and engaging, seeking out ‘superfans’ as a foundation of success. This is ideal for DIY musicians that want access to the industry secrets labels and radio have kept hidden for so long.



{Starting at $1500}

Artist Collective offers handcrafted Venue Consulting packages for existing and new programs alike. We have built a booking division on successful venues and artists around the country. Every venue is different, but using our tried and tested methods, we can assist in creating, polishing and even saving music programs of any size. More professional services available for discussion after initial consultation.

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{Starting at $150}

Vinnie Hines is a professional booking agent by day for more than 30 artists around the country and has found his success partly through high quality graphics and sleek packaging. The days of a standard EPK are over, but the “Onesheet” remains to be the best approach for new outreaches and releases. Raw files included with up to three edits. Examples available upon request.



{Starting at $500}

After traveling all over the country performing at some of the most sought-after venues, Vinnie offers his expertise to handcraft your journey. Using the Artist Collective network paired with firsthand experience, we aim to optimize your budget and create a seamless travel plan, securing ideal locations along your route. Packages are quoted after a debut consultation.

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{Starting at $100}

For those projects that need a quick answer or those folks interested in seeing what Vinnie Hines consulting looks like, he offers introductory hourly rates. This could be anything from some quick branding advice, booking assistance, brainstorming, and much more. If you need to jumpstart your online presence, you’ve hit writer’s block or just wanna chat gear, he’s your man. In the fast-paced world of entertainment, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn in just an hour!