“Rock & Soul with a lil’ Funk for your Coffee.”

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Vinnie Hines debut album celebrates a love of complicated women, a fast-paced bachelorhood lifestyle with heartfelt authenticity of an old soul. Blending styles of blues, rock, soul and acoustic pop approaches, Vinnie creates a horn-heavy dance album that is short and sweet but sure to fit into your playlists. Written during a wild time living as a struggling artist in the fast-paced St. Louis music scene, this collection reflects the edgy, invincible mindset of a young man on a mission.

Brainstorming Songwriting


Hungry for inspiration, Vinnie Hines has opened the floodgates to allow music fans all over the country to be a part of a collaborative songwriting project. If you have a love story you want immortalized in music, have him weave your melody! If you’ve made a personal discovery that you want to celebrate or news you want to share in a super unique way, a custom song could be the perfect fit. Click the button below to learn more about CUSTOM SONGWRITING and other PROFESSIONAL SERVICES.